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/// Size ///

Ø: 21 cm
H: 27 cm

/// Description ///

This large vase was handmade in my Berlin Studio using a mixture of wheel-thrown and hand building techniques. Made from a coarse stoneware body and glazed with a Cobalt blue matte glaze, it is a unique piece that easily holds space on its own on a shelf or table, and can also be used as a vessel for flowers, stems or other items.

The vases can look particularly striking as a family when multiple sizes are combined.

Not suitable for food or drinks.

The Modern Ancestors series started with two years' worth of testing clays and glazes to get to the result and shapes and sizes that I wanted.

Depending on its application, the blue glaze either pillows up densely or creates a rough lava texture with tiny craters, which makes each vase unique in its colour density and pattern.

The vase in the photo is the exact vase you will receive from purchasing this listing.

/// Care Instructions ///

Hand wash gently with soap and hot water. I recommend using your hands or very soft brush to wash it and not a sponge or cloth as the fibres could catch on the glaze or be too rough for the piece. Allow to air-dry upside down on a rack. Do not machine wash.

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